Tubular Slide Sheet Mini Reusable 60X41Cm


The Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare Tubular Slide Sheets allow for basic handling without the need to lift the patient. They are invaluable when moving a patient on or off a bed, for turning the patient in bed and as an aid to sitting the patient up in bed. The slide sheet allow attendants to perform three basic handling tasks without the need to lift, and without the risk of sheating a patients skin.

1) Turning a patient
2) Sitting a patient up
3) Moving a patient on/off the bed

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Made from strong nylon material which allows friction free movements on both sides of the Sheet
Reduces manual handling effort and strain, minimizing the risk of back and other injuries to Carers
Reduces skin tears and bruising
Promotes patient comfort and dignity
Each Sheet is provided with a hanging loop for storage or handle loops, which are colour coded for size